15 March

Summer Training on Web Development

Software engineering is not something that can be grasped in its entirety from the books that lie in your study table. While we can’t deny the importance of your course books, we also have to acknowledge the importance of practical industrial training especially when it comes to web development. Coding makes no sense unless it is run and executed. So over and above what you learn from your course, it is very important to have some practical grooming as well. By being a part of various industrial training programs, you don’t just learn your knowledge practically, but also bridge the gap between skill demanded and skill available in the industry.

We, at RND consultancy services, bring you the most suitable course structures for industrial training in web development at extremely affordable prices. The course covering 1 month of 30 hours is perfectly divided into small modules for convenience. We bring you real-life projects that make you completely ready to fit into the employer demands at just Rs 2500/-.

The course quality has been appreciated by all our students and associates. The course will let you make the wisest utilization of your summer holidays by covering the best of what can be covered within the tenure. With our well trained and qualified faculties and members, we insist you join our training program this summer to have an experience that is worth all your time and money.

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