15 April

Summer Training on Android Application Development

It is needless to restate the fact that Android OS has taken over a significant section of the market and people of all age groups are obsessively attracted towards its multifunctional applications. The Android app ecosystem is vast and diverse. With every new version, new apps need to be developed and existing apps have to redevelop creating a significantly high demand for Android app developers to aid users with well designed unique apps.

It is, however, impossible for budding software engineers to successfully develop apps and programs for android unless they are given practical knowledge about the technicalities of software development. Since most of the engineering course curriculums do not impart sufficient practical knowledge, an RND consultancy service brings out an industrial training program of one month for 30 hours. The course acclimatizes students to real life issues and problems that arise during software development and going ahead prepares them to meet the employer demands and requirements of the industry. The course is available at the most affordable price of 2500/- only and is designed to bridge the gap between skills demanded and skills available in the industry.

To introduce you to our quality of course structure, faculties and industry exposure we have a summer training program on android application development that brushes and grooms your knowledge of software development. The registration to this program is completely free and we are committed to ensure that you don’t regret investing your time here. So it’s time, come and join to earn the best return on investment of your summer holidays.

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