15 May

Summer Training -

RND consultancy services are pleased to announce the start of Summer Training Program 2019 from 11th June 2019. The summer training program is designed in a way that enables students to update and enhance their skills in updated techniques and technologies. We have a team of highly experienced and trained professionals and a specially designed training module that can help you move ahead to become a skilled and successful software engineer. IN THIS CUT THROAT COMPETITIVE INDUSTRY, WE aim to embed our budding software engineers with practical insight on all the latest and updated information on and software.

The summer training program is of 30 hours and is extremely pocket-friendly costing you just Rs 2500/-. The cost you incur will be worth the knowledge and skill you gain during this one month of 30 hours. The summer training covers Java, Web Development, and Mobile App development. More specifically the program encompasses:

• Advance Java
• J2EE
• Web Development
• Android Application Development
• PhoneGap
• Cloud computing with AWS
• WordPress • Microcontroller and Robotics
• Linux and Oracle
• Professional C and C++
• iPhone
• Digital Marketing
• Data Structures
• Angular JS

Through this program, we provide our students an opportunity to unleash their abilities and potential. With a technologically expert trainer, appropriately determined batch size and batch durations, the program is designed to let the future software developers emerge and grow.

Summer Training program with RND consultancy services provides you an opportunity to spend one of your summer holidays learning and working on the technicalities of software engineering that you had probably studied on in your books. Our spectrum of qualified staff members in combination with a perfectly designed course structure creates an appropriate environment which promotes trans-disciplinary training and adds value to your summer holidays. We, at RND consultancy services perfectly blend quality training, cost-effectiveness to provide an enriching experience for our students. So, it would be a very smart move to enroll in our summer training programs if you aspire to excel and grow in your field.

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